About Us


Our Mission

Children should never be afraid to go to school. From gun violence to bullying, the Geneva Parents for School Safety are advocates for our children and yours. Our goal is to plan and fund life-saving safety measures within the Geneva Area City Schools and foster a greater awareness and resolution to bullying and cyber bullying. The time for action is NOW.

Our Goal

With incidents of school violence and bullying making headlines both nationally and locally, the Geneva Parents for School Safety committee is a parent-led initiative to make every building in the Geneva Area City School District safer for students and teachers. GPSS is also committed to kindness awareness and will help fill in the gaps to make Geneva schools a kinder place for learning for all students.

Safer, how?

Our goals include the purchase and installation of Anchorman Inc. lockdown door barricades for every classroom in the district. The barricades lock in within seconds, making each classroom an individual safe zone in case of armed intruder threats.

The 2019 Campaign

Each door in the district costs a minimum of $250 to secure, and Geneva needs 251 door barricades. With your sponsorship, we can reach this goal and beyond, helping our district proactively adapt to ever-changing threats and violence at our schools.